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dallas county bail bondsBill was amazing. Got out of jail in less than 24 hours and had my case dismissed that day. Real life saver and excellent communication to my spouse and parents the whole time. Even in the middle of the night. Would recommend Mr. Knox in a heartbeat and although I hope to never have a need to hire a criminal defense attorney if I did Mr Knox would be my first call.

Collin County Bail Bonds | Jail Releases Collin County

collin county bail bondsCriminal Lawyer Bill Knox can help arrange Collin County bail bonds and jail releases for cases filed in Collin County, Texas. Mr. Knox has been a practicing criminal defense lawyer in Collin County, Texas for over 30 years and has years of experience assisting clients and families through the Collin County bail bonds process.  Collin County bail bond & jail release services include but are not limited to the Allen Jail, Frisco Jail, McKinney Jail, Plano Jail, Wylie Jail & Sachse Jail.

Attorney Bill Knox may arrange for jail releases or Collin County Bail Bonds for any of the following criminal charges: Misdemeanors, Felonies, Drug Possession Crimes, DUI, DWI, Theft, Shoplifting, Possession of Marijuana, Weapons Crimes, Assaults, Domestic Violence, White Collar Crimes, Fraud, Possible Probation Violations and more.

Individuals charged with crimes higher than a Class B Misdemeanor in any of the cities located in Collin County will be prosecuted by the District Attorney of Collin County, no matter the city in which the alleged offense occurred.

For instance, if you or a loved one is charged with a theft in Plano, the case will still be prosecuted by Collin County and the appropriate bail bond must be posted at the Collin County Sheriff’s Department.

Are You Really Available 24 Hours Per Day to Assist with Collin County Bail Bonds?

collin county bail bondsIn short, the answer is yes.  However, the long explanation might even give you more incentive to call our firm and make you even more comfortable in our years of experience.  Please know that your phone call in this emergency situation will be answered by a real person, no matter the time of day or night.   We do not believe in answering machines or voicemail when time is of the essence with a loved one incarcerated in jail.  Most of our clients have never been arrested before and, as such, the families have never had to call a lawyer to assist with getting their loved one out of jail or posting a bail bond.

When you call our office at 214-500-0000, your call will be answered by a live person who has access to our on-call attorney at all times, even if it is 3 am in the morning.  Rest assured that your phone call will be passed along to our attorneys in usually less than 60 seconds.  The average time to receive a return call is approximately 3 minutes.  We also do not believe in having “agents” or “staff” returning emergency calls in these types of situations.  Generally, a real, licensed attorney will be the one returning your call and will be able to give you the best possible legal advice and guidance from our 30+ years as Collin County attorneys. We know this isn’t an easy situation, but please know you will receive expert and professional legal advice from a top defense firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

We strive to make this as easy as possible and to help alleviate any additional stress caused by having a child, parent, friend or loved one incarcerated and charged with a criminal offense.  As such, we make payment options very easy and most payments can be accepted and processed over the phone during your initial phone call.  Sometimes there are a few brief documents you must sign in order to obtain the release of your loved one, but in most instances, we are able to postpone any paperwork until after the release of the person from jail.  Yes, we really do try and make this as easy as possible.

Where are Collin County Bail Bonds Posted & How Does This All Work?

The Collin County, Texas Sheriff’s Department is located at 4300 Community Avenue in McKinney, Texas 75071.  The current Sheriff is Terry Box and his unit is in charge of the county jail.  All Collin County bail bonds are processed through the Collin County Sheriff’s Department.  Current Collin County inmates may be searched on the Collin County inmate list.

Cash bonds may be paid in full at The Collin County Sheriff’s Department in place of Collin County bail bonds.  However, if you do not have the full amount needed to post a cash bond as it is set by a magistrate, you may seek the assistance of a Collin County bail bonds man or an attorney who may post Collin County bail bonds.

Generally, you will only pay a portion of the entire bond to a Collin County bail bonds man.  For instance, if a loved one is being held in the Collin County jail and the Collin County bail bond is set at $10,000 by a magistrate, you would probably be charged somewhere between 10% to 20% of the bond by a local bonding company.  The fee charged on Collin County bail bonds is called the bond premium.  This fee is generally non-refundable, as essentially you are borrowing $10,000 from the Collin County bail bonds company and paying interest on their money.  Look at this as a loan on the full amount of the bond.  Instead of you having to come up with $10,000, the Collin County bail bonds company is loaning you the money and is simply charging interest on their money.  This is how Collin County bail bonds companies make their money and why they exist.

Collin County Sheriff's Department Location

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Collin County Sheriff\'s Department Location 33.244269, -96.635141