Dallas Criminal Defense

dallas criminal defenseNo attorney in Dallas will answer your call or take your case after 4:00 pm on Friday. No attorney will work for you over the weekend. But Bill Knox was there to help me. He didn’t only take my case after 4 pm, he also answered all my calls at 2,4, and 5:00 AM on Saturday morning. He went to the county for me on Saturday and helped my relative to post the bail. He came to his office on both Saturday and Sunday to help solving my relative’s case, and explained all the solutions and he comforted us. Before Monday morning, we already knew that Bill would would have taken care of everything for us to our satisfaction. He is very experienced, and knowledgable. He knows the system and he knows who to call to help him to help you. Don’t forget, you had already comitted a crime by the time you called him. So he can’t go back in time and prevent you committing a crime, but he will try his best to get you out of it with the least damage. And believe me, he means it when he calls you “My Friend”.

Dallas Criminal Defense | Criminal Defense Dallas TX

Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Bill Knox assists and represents clients charged with both misdemeanor and felony cases in Dallas County, Texas for over 30 years. The Law Offices of Bill Knox offers aggressive, professional criminal defense to all clients and persons we represent.

Dallas Criminal Defense Cases

Our Criminal Defense Dallas TX Lawyers are skilled to represent clients with the following charges including but not limited to:

Aggravated Assault



Assault Family Violence

Burglary of Building

Burglary of Habitation

Capital Murder

Criminal Mischief

Drug Crimes

DUI (Driving Under the Influence)

DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)

DWI 2nd

DWI 3rd or More

DWI with Child

DWLS (Driving While License Suspended)

Evading Arrest

Evading Arrest Motor Vehicle

Felony Theft




Indecency with Child

Indecent Exposure

Interfering with Emergency Phone Call



Possession of Controlled Substance

Possession of Marijuana

Public Lewdness

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Child


Terroristic Threat


Theft $50 to $500

Theft $500 to $1500

UCW (Unlawful Carrying of Weapon)