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If you are looking for the best lawyer in Texas to take care of any legal issues Bill Knox is the man to hire… I was accused and charged with an aggravated sexual assault. Bill Knox put a great team together with himself and got my case resolved with a not guilty verdict and aquitted of the charge. Bill Knox was truly a blessing to me and my family.”Stuart (Past Client)


Domestic Violence Lawyer | Dallas TX

domestic violence lawyer dallas txDomestic Violence Lawyer Bill Knox represents clients charged with misdemeanor or felony domestic violence crimes in Dallas County, Texas. Mr. Knox has been a practicing criminal defense lawyer for domestic violence crimes in Dallas, Texas for over 30 years. Domestic violence crimes in Dallas, Texas are generally filed as a class A misdemeanor and you may also hear people refer to these cases as “simple assault.” While the term, simple assault, may be used on other states, Texas only classifies it as a misdemeanor domestic violence.

However, a domestic violence lawyer may also need to represent an individual if the charges are enhanced or filed as a felony. There are also Class C Misdemeanor Domestic Violence crimes charged as Domestic Violence by Contact.  In these cases the defendant is issued a city citation. A Class A Misdemeanor Domestic Violence can carry up to one year in the Dallas County, Texas Jail.  It may also bring a fine up to $2,000.

A skillful Dallas Domestic Violence Lawyer may help his client plea a case involving domestic violence down to a lesser charge.  In some instances they may possibly negotiate for probation or a probated sentence rather than jail time. Or, even get the domestic violence charges totally dismissed. Do not wait to start the defense of your domestic violence charges. Always consult with a Dallas Criminal Lawyer if you or a loved one has been charged with a domestic violence case.

Where Are Domestic Violence Cases Heard?

If a person is arrested on a domestic violence charge, the case will be filed in Dallas County.  The person will be required to attend Court at the Frank Crowley Courts Building.  It is located in Dallas County, Texas at 133 N. Riverfront in Dallas, Texas.

Frank Crowley Courts Building - Dallas County, Texas

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Frank Crowley Courts Building - Dallas County, Texas 32.777660, -96.814498