Bill Knox Attorney Reviews & Client Testimonials

If you are looking for the best lawyer in Texas to take care of any legal issues Bill Knox is the man to hire. I was accused and charged with an aggravated sexual assault. I was thrown in jail, Bill Knox not only got my bond reduced from $100,000.00 down to $25,000.00 but he made it happen in one week knowing I had a baby girl to be born soon. He then got me out of jail…Bill Knox put a great team together with himself and got my case resolved with a not guilty verdict and aquitted of the charge. Bill Knox was truly a blessing to me and my family. Like i said before if your looking for the best lawyer out there Bill Knox is the guy. He will take care of you your friends and family.

Bill was amazing. Got out of jail in less than 24 hours and had my case dismissed that day. Real life saver and excellent communication to my spouse and parents the whole time. Even in the middle of the night. Would recommend Mr. Knox in a heartbeat and although I hope to never have a need to hire a criminal defense attorney if I did Mr Knox would be my first call.

Mr. Knox is very knowledgeable and highly respected in the legal system. My nephew and my entire family are forever grateful for his legal counsel. Prior to my nephew being referred to Mr. Knox, my nephew was told that he could get 7 to 10 years or more in the Huntsville Penitentiary if found guilty. We were all devastated at the thought of the possibility of my nephew going to prison. When my nephew and his mother went to the office of Bill Knox for legal counsel, Mr. Knox was very kind and understanding while allowing my nephew to detail the alleged incident. Mr. Knox told them that he would work very hard in proving his innocence to the best of his ability. As a result, the case has been dismissed and it was proven that my nephew was not guilty. Again, we owe the successful outcome of my nephew’s case to Mr. Knox’s legal expertise. I highly recommend Mr. Knox and his professional legal staff to legally represent you. He is the Best!

I had the unfortunate need to hire an attorney quickly and a friend of mine found Mr. Knox. He was amazingly quick to respond immediately had the ball rolling and was wonderful to my family and me. At 38 years old I had never been in trouble before and was humiliated, ashamed and pretty much a complete mess. Mr. Knox and his team were so gracious and kind. They didn’t talk down to me, make me feel bad or criticize anything I did. They were very understanding, compassionate and made me feel so much better (at least as much as they could). I’ll admit the process is LONG, but Mr. Knox and his team stayed with it through the end and communicated with me the whole way. They even helped me out several months later to workout a driver license issue at no extra cost – WOW! His team of attorneys were wonderful, especially Mrs. Miracle. I hope nobody ever has to use Mr. Knox, but if you do, he’s a good guy to have on your side! Thank you Mr. Knox for everything!

Bill Knox was retained to represent my brother-in-law in a criminal case. I must say he knows his stuff, and will fight very hard for his clients. I had the great opportunity to sit in court and watch he and his team completely dismantle the prosecutor’s case. A strong and thorough attorney. He is one of the best there is, and we all know the best don’t come cheap. However, Bill will work with you as he did with our family. We are very pleased with the outcome in this matter. We won! My brother-in-law is a free man. Thank you BILL KNOX.

Mr Knox was refered to me by one of my friends, who was very pleased with the outcome of his case. Me Knox has always been very accessible and accommodating. I was facing two TDC felonies for 10lbs of marijauna in a drug free zone and delivery in a drug free zone. He always maintained a calm and cool attitude toward my case with made me feel better about it. My bond was forfeited and mr Knox had a new bond reinstated within a week. When I told him that I couldn’t afford to bond out again he made sure to get me a court date as fast as possible. When he walked out of the courtroom he told me he got me 10 days in jail and time served. Mr Knox completely met all my expectations and I will recommend him to any family or friends who are looking for the BEST LEGAL SERVICES. He def lived up to his motto of being the #1 lawyer!!!