Collin County Attorney Writ Bond

dallas county bail bondsBill was amazing. Got out of jail in less than 24 hours and had my case dismissed that day. Real life saver and excellent communication to my spouse and parents the whole time. Even in the middle of the night. Would recommend Mr. Knox in a heartbeat and although I hope to never have a need to hire a criminal defense attorney if I did Mr Knox would be my first call.

Collin County Attorney Writ Bond

collin county attorney writ bondCriminal Lawyer Bill Knox can help arrange a Collin County Attorney Writ Bond and jail releases for eligible cases by doing a writ bond when the Judge or Magistrate is not available.

After the Collin County writ bond is set, Bill Knox can arrange a Collin County Attorney writ bond for an inmate’s immediate release. Mr. Knox has been a practicing criminal defense lawyer for over 30 years and has years of experience assisting clients and families through the Collin County Attorney Writ Bond process.

Attorney Bill Knox may arrange for jail releases or writ bonds in Collin County for any of the following criminal charges: misdemeanors, possession of marijuana, DWI, DUI, theft, DWLS, evading arrest and more.

Writ bonds may be posted for persons in local Collin County Jails including but not limited to the following: Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Sachse and Wylie.

How To Obtain A Collin County Attorney Writ Bond – 24 Hours Per Day

collin county attorney writ bondContact Attorney Bill Knox 24 hours per day to get started on obtaining a Collin County Attorney Writ Bond.  Our firm is ready to help you get a loved one released on a Collin County Attorney Writ Bond 365 days per week.  Call us at 214-500-0000 now.  Generally Mr. Knox will be able to give you a price over the phone during your initial conversation.  Payment arrangements may be made and conducted over the phone using a major credit or debit card such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.

Please know that when you contact our firm at 214-500-0000, your phone call will be answered and handled by a live person.  We do not believe in voicemail or recordings during your time of need.  As such, you will speak with a live person who has access to our on-call attorney 24 hours per day, even if it is 3 am in the morning.  You may rest assured knowing that your name and contact information is being transmitted to our attorney as you talk to the live representative.  The average time for a return phone call in an emergency situation like this is around two minutes.  Yes, you will be talking to a real, licensed attorney in approximately two minutes, no matter the time of day or night.

We know this is a stressful situation, but please know we have handled these types of cases for over 30 years in Collin County.  Our attorneys know exactly how to file for a writ bond in Collin County so that your loved one, child, parent or friend won’t have to spend any additional unnecessary time behind bars and incarcerated for an alleged criminal offense.  In most instances, Bill Knox, the founder and lead counsel at Law Offices of Bill Knox will be the one returning your phone call.  This is so that you may receive the best legal guidance and advice stemming from 30 plus years representing clients in Collin County.  Feel free to ask any questions you want, that’s why we are here.  We truly do want to make this as easy and fast as possible for you and our clients.

Posting A Writ Bond in Collin County – What You May Expect

Once a Collin County Attorney Writ Bond is in process, our attorney will get the bond set at The Collin County Sheriff’s Department.  Even if your loved one is incarcerated in another Collin County Jail like Plano, Frisco or Allen, the Collin County Attorney Writ Bond is processed through the Sheriff’s Department.

The time it takes to post a writ bond and obtain a release varies depending upon if the person is incarcerated at the Collin County Jail in McKinney or if they are in a smaller, suburban jail like Plano.  If the person is already incarcerated in the Collin County Jail, the time it takes to process a writ bond to the release can be as short as an hour or two.  While our staff conducts our work in a very efficient and quick manner, we also must rely on other parties like the jail involved in the release.  Sometimes the jail is busier and more crowded than other times.  For example, it may take a little bit longer to process a writ bond jail release on a weekend as opposed to a weekday.  Prior to releasing an inmate, and after the writ bond has been approved, the Sheriff’s Department at Collin County must do a few things prior to the person being released.  Paperwork and releasing of property can delay the release for a short time.  It is always our advice to be patient and courteous with jail staff and employees.  This is their job and we have always found Collin County jail staff to be very professional and efficient.  Being rude or ugly to the jail staff will not result in better services.

If a person is incarcerated in a local, suburban jail like Plano, for instance, you may expect the process to take 2 to 3 hours.  The bond must be signed in its original form by the person incarcerated at the local, suburban jail.  This means that the bond will have to be carried from the jail where the person is incarcerated to the Collin County Sheriff’s Department for processing.  Naturally with travel time, this will add a slight additional period before the release of the inmate on the writ bond.

Collin County Sheriff's Department Location

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Collin County Sheriff\'s Department Location 33.244269, -96.635141